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Orb Interactive

Why Orb Interactive? (August 2021)

What happened to us in the past, where we are now, and our future plans.

Games Enjoy easy to load, 15-minute games in your browser!

Breen: Half-Life 2 Simon

Build your memory skills in this Half-Life 2 themed Simon game.

Citadel: Half-Life 2 Tower Stacker

Build the tallest Citadel! Citadels are monolithic sky-piercing blue-green metal pillars erected as administration and production support centers for Combine forces occupying terrestrial planets, often located within concentrated population centers.

Tools Utilize these tools in your browser to make your day easier online or in real life.

SteamID Search + Conversion

Search and convert any SteamID on the Steam Community.

Art and Design


Unleash your creativity with your browser in 2D with miniPaint!
This is a Microsoft Paint alternative.

Material Design Colors

These color palettes, originally created by Material Design in 2014, are comprised of colors designed to work together harmoniously, and can be used to develop your brand palette.

Real World Light Colors

These color values emulate natural and artificial light sources from the real world with scientific precision.

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